2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia: Invitation

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This is an invitation for the Rainbow Family of Living Light to gather in open celebration of life, in Indonesia for the 2017 World Rainbow Gathering.

The Australian continent is colliding with mainland Asia, where the continental plates meet is rising a chain of islands that we call South East Asia. Over the next few million years these islands will become the largest mountain range in the world. Indonesia has 11,000 of these islands that will soon be mountain peaks. It is estimated that the region has as many new life species emerging as there are species becoming extinct around the world. This rising energy is bringing new life into our world! In the moon cycle of May travellers, healers, teachers, artisans, musicians, people from across the globe, will gather to join hands around the sacred fire to rise up and bring forth new life into this world.

What to bring

  • Bowl, cup and spoon.
  • Two water bottles (one for drinking, one for toilet).
  • Sleeping arrangements.
  • Water proof shelters, tent, tarpaulin
  • Rope, bucket, water jug.
  • Building materials, tools.
  • Flash light.
  • First aid, iodine, plasters.
  • Natural medicines.
  • Mosquito nets, natural repellents.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Art and craft materials.
  • Fabrics and decorations.
  • Super foods, spices and other food stuffs.
  • Financial contribution for the Magic Hat.
  • Anything you need for your camp.
  • Anything you feel will help the community.
  • Our selves, love, peace and happiness.


Pantai Ngalur, Jengglunharjo, Tulungagung, Jawa, Indonesia
GPS: -8.296781, 111.915099

You’ll either arrive in Denpasar, Jakarta, Surabaya or Jogjakarta. From any of these you’ll find buses and trains that will take you to Tulungagung. Getting from Tulungagung to Pantai Ngalur isn’t straight forward and may require a combination of bus, car, motorbike, hitch-hiking and walking. These are the towns and regions that you’ll pass through on the way: Campur Darat, Gedangan, Tanggung Gunung then Jengglungharjo. Go to the southern most part of Jengglungharjo and continue walking 5km after the road turns bad. Look for this wooden gate and follow the path!

More Information

We gather as an open family, in abundance, with love and respect, for one moon cycle, 28 days, from new moon to new moon. We come to share. Music, food, skills, knowledge, healing, wisdom, freedom, happiness. All colours of the rainbow, all ages, cultures, personalities and backgrounds are welcome to participate in the co-creation of a world of magic and light, especially children! Building the kitchen, cooking, offering workshops and healing, relaxing, playing music, collecting firewood, digging shit pits, going on shopping missions and donating money to the Magic Hat to help feed the family amazing and healthy food. You decide how you contribute to the creation. We commune twice per day for food circle, a ceremonial way to enjoy our vegan meals together. If you can arrive early join the seed camp! A lot of work goes into setting up for the gathering, many hands make light work. Many hearts make light work.

It’s the end of wet season so expect some rain and come prepared with your wet weather gear.
Indonesia is a country with largely conservative values and strict law enforcement. Even though you will generally find the locals to be very kind please respect the local cultures, traditions and laws, particularly regarding clothing, behaviour and drugs (prescription or illicit). The majority religion is Islam and coincidentally coinciding with the last day of this gathering the Muslim Indonesians will be beginning their Ramadan celebration, Please be mindful and respectful of this while transiting through the country after the gathering.
We will be living from the fire, we will not have any electricity. It will also be wet so it would be very much advisable to leave electronic equipment at home or at least switched off and packed away safely. We LOVE nature so much that we aim to leave the environment as close as possible to it’s original state, this means we actually enjoy to take our rubbish back with us and we care for the nature by mindfully constructing our camps, carefully selecting firewood and when we feel the need to clean we make sure to only use natural and biodegradable soaps and detergents. We also love dogs and pets but for the sake of the local wildlife and children please leave pets at home.

If you need more information about the 2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia or about Rainbow Gatherings in general please try one of the following:

  • Contact the person who sent you this invitation.
  • Find the Facebook group “2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia”.
  • Get onto rainbowforum.net and have a read through some of the amazing information written by Rainbow family all around the world.

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