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Our adventures in Egypt!

Keeping the Rainbow Tribe Alive


Well, it’s been about seven months since the gathering in Sinai. I really have not heard much about the Ethiopia gathering. I was not able to make it there, so I cannot report on it too much.

With the passing on of our Great Tribal Grandmother, Debbie, a great lesson of life came. Cherish each and every moment. Debbie did just that, and I thank Great Spirit for having gifted her to this world. There was a few close mutual friends who where there by her side, both happy and sad to have been there for her during that special phase. May blessings be upon Debbie, and her family, and know she smiles upon us still. We love you very much.

(Breathe of silent respect and honor.)

Since Ethiopia, the communication has dwindled a bit, and I hope that changes. In my opinion, I believe keeping up with each other, and following through continuously, is a huge part of our movement. We know that our connection resides in hearts and souls,…always, and in that way we shall always be together. But what our rainbow tribe needs, is to keep talking, keep walking, and keep on keepin on. I would love to hear more from those who where in Ethiopia, and what the experience was. I would love to hear more from those in Egypt, and to know what’s going on with them. I cannot reach everyone personally, no one can. But as long as we connect with those we feel close to, and reach out to those who we feel moved to touch, then the grapevine will be fed.

There has been a lot of things happening in Africa recently, involving the White Lion Trust, the Keshe Foundation, and the Ubuntu movement. We still would love a connection with the Ethiopia Organic Seed Bank. That is a huge key for the people of Africa, and it is not being used to its utmost good. There are plans for a large water dam to be built in Ethiopia. We should find a good way to address that situation. Many people in Egypt said there would be a war for water if they build that dam. We must find a way to create peace, and ensure clean water for all. The Nile Seed Forum would be a great way for us to help out with this.

I am currently back in the USA, as my passport had run out, and I was unable to get through Sudan due to politics.  I wanted to walk through the desert, or try to find a camel caravan going through Sudan, but those paths did not come in a good way.  I took it as a sign, and conceded to go and come back.

I connected with sister Tibebwa in Hurgada, and escorted her to Luxor where we held ceremonies. She is an amazing sister, and anyone in Africa, that wants to help, should contact her. I believe she lives in Shashamene.  She is busy, but she is willing to help the Rainbow Tribe.

I am getting a new passport, getting some emergency dental work done, and saving money to come back to Africa. I will most likely fly to Addis Abbaba, and then travel around Æthiopia for a bit, then head south through Kenya, and go to white lions of Tsimbavati. Please excuse any spelling errors.  My goal is to bring my Rainbow Heart all the way to South Africa. I also feel a strong pull to study the iboga plant in Gabon, and live with the San people for bits of time.  We shall see what happens.

All in all, I hope that we stay true to the Rainbow Road, ensuring peace and prosperity for all life. We are all Rainbow people, and we each have our gifts to share. Above all, be good and stay true. I LOVE YOU!!!


Mount Sinai


St Catherine Egypt

Mount Sinai, or Gabal Mōsā (Moses Mountain), on top of which Moses supposedly stood when he received the 10 commandments from God. Only a short distance from possibly the most powerful World Rainbow Gathering in history. The nearby tourist town of Dahab was almost deserted due to political reasons, the rainbow family enjoyed having an entire town to themselves. After spending a week resting in Dahab a small group of us gradually formed in the town of St Catherine. We were so warmly welcomed by the lovely Bedouin people at Fox Camp (on Facebook) sharing stories and chai around the fire. It’s uncanny how similar the Bedouins are to us. Two days and nights were spent exploring the immediate area and meeting locals before 10 of us, and one child, set off into the desert mountains with no timeline, not much food, 3 of us were fasting, minimal water, 8 pairs of shoes and no plans other than to reach the top of Mt Sinai.

Shining with love we embarked on a journey that would normally be approximately a 4 hour round trip with just a little more than 1 hour of sunlight left in the day. We passed through 2 abandoned Bedouin villages which were in ruins and many beautiful boulders along a dry river bed. It was well and truly dark with less than half of a waxing moon to light our path into a small village at the foot of Mount Catherine. The local Bedouin family welcomed us in, lit a camp fire for us and offered chai as we prepared dinner. Shanti and I were fasting so instead of eating we did a little Rapé ceremony, we both opened to an unfolding of realisation that continued into the following day. After dinner we all went to sleep in one of their spare houses, a beautiful little cottage hand build with stone. Half of the group woke at 3am to hike the rest of the way up the mountain in the dark to watch the sunrise while the other half slept in and spent the morning in the village. This village had quite a garden growing in the dry desert, with many eucalyptus, olive, pistachio, pomegranate and many other trees. We bought a big bag of hand made bread, a small bottle of hand pressed olive oil, Marçal had his backpack repaired in exchange for a small bottle of perfume and a couple of cups of coffee later we were ready for the hike!

The walk around and up the side of Mount Sinai was incredibly beautiful yet challenging thanks to it being day 3 of fasting. I almost gave up on the hike to instead visit the St Catherine’s Monastery but thankfully I pushed on and made it to a point on the mountain that opened up to what they call Moses Garden, the location that the Jews camped while Moses climbed the peak. What better place to rest and break my fast. A scrumptious feed of fresh bread, tuna, beans, tahini, honey and pomegranate gave me the energy required to climb the last 15 minutes of stone steps up the steepest part of the mountain to reach the church and mosque who stand side by side on the summit, both facing out towards Mt Catherine. Of course, on the sunny side of the mountain we found the other half of the group ‘lazing on a sunny afternoon’. The air was still, the sun was warm, a perfect day on top of the mountain. We rolled a joint and blissed out for a few hours watching the colours change in the sky as the Sun went to rest for the night. All of the colours of the rainbow and every shade in between were on display circling the mountain.

The winds picked up and brought in a near freezing night so we set up a sleeping space between the church and the mosque, out in the open so we could wake at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise. Before sleeping we shared a light meal and not so light conversation. Naturally we began to speak of Moses and the 10 commandments. The majority of the commandments are prohibitions: do not kill, do not steal, don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t think of an elephant. Interestingly we noticed that there has been a lot of breaking of the commandments amongst humanity over the past 4000 years since God handed them to Moses. So it occurred to us that new commandments are in order. So we asked each other, what would be the new commandments? Out of us immediately came 3: Love; Respect; and Sharing.

As I was falling asleep I saw a vision of a beam of light that extended through my body, connecting the centre of the Earth with the heavens above. With the power of the mountain I began to emanate a field of light from my heart which extended many kilometres out from the mountain to the surrounding area.

None of us were really prepared for how cold it got up there that night. The winds picked up to a strength that it nearly picked us up from our beds, piercing straight through the layers of blankets and sleeping bags sending cold shivers right through to our core. A few hours of interrupted sleep later we were awoken by one of the local Bedouin business men wanting money for the  blankets. A couple of hours later we were woken again for a spectacular viewing of the morning Sun, slowly adding colour to the black night sky. As the stars faded the colours became more and more intense, all of the colours of the rainbow appeared again, this time with soft morning pastel overtones, until the Sun finally peaked over the distant mountains of Saudi Arabia and across the coastal mountain range of Sinai to bring the first rays of morning light through the still strong, freezing winds directly into our shivering bones. Tourists came and went as we sat in deep meditation until the Sun was high enough in tree sky to provide us with just enough heat to brave the sub freezing winds to pack or things and climb down to Moses Garden where we were somewhat protected by the wind for a small fire, a light breaks and a coffee before seeing off towards St Catherine’s Monastery. For the first time in about 10 years I really questioned myself, why I was not wearing shoes…

We arrived at the monastery ad out was closing for the morning, just enough time to see the old architecture and meet some interesting people. I got stuck for half an hour ad the guests who were leaving the monastery almost queued to take their photograph with me in front of the famous picture of Mother Mary with baby Jesus on her lap, Moses removing his shoes by her side and the burning bush behind them.

A nice big hit meal, a hot shower and a warm chai back at Fox Camp finally broke my mild hypothermia and rounded off a very enjoyable little journey to Mount Sinai. The winds blowing seeing suggested to me that we have done what we came for and it was time to move on to the next part of the journey, El Cairo here we come!


Our Next Steps in Egypt and Ethiopia


The Next World Gathering

The vision Council at the recent 🌎 World Rainbow Gathering 🌈 made consensus for the next World Gathering to be held in Ethiopia for the May 🌙 moon 🌙 cycle. Scouts are going ahead in the next week to find the location that is waiting for us. Wet have some really beautiful experiences to be had.

Photo thanks to Jossi Man

St Catherine Ceremony

Right now we are just about to leave Dahab for St Catherine to do a ceremony amongst the sacred mountains. We have a meeting point just outside of St Catherine town call Fox Camp, probably camp a night. From there we will gather and move together to our ceremony location. Here is a link to the spot on Google Maps.


After St Catherine we intend to move to Cairo to spend some time. We’re interested in doing another ceremony at the pyramids as well as checking out the Egyptian Museum and finally a psy-trance post on the 22nd.


Some time in February in Ethiopia is a Rastafarian festival called Arc of the Covenant. We’ve been told that it’s a very important gathering for the Rastafarian and we feel it would be a great place to connect with Rainbow family there to give some direction on where to scout.

Loving Life

As we travel we encounter some of the most amazingly beautiful souls, see some of the most incredible sights and are being completely guided through the heart. The more love we can muster the smoother the ride well be. If you’d like to come join in on the caravan through Africa, the only person you need to ask is yourself. Would you like to join us? You can get in touch with us at any time through or Facebook group Rainbow Snowball Caravan Family.

<3 Love you all! <3


Magic in the mountains


After two months traveling around Sinai, much has been revealed.  Beer Oqda was our chosen gathering location, in the mountain valley north of Dahab.  It is an old Bedouin village with many wells and old buildings scattered around.  Seed camp for the Egyptian gathering went well.  We planted gardens and dug a bit out of the old well.  We fixed up the walkways and walls a little bit, as the village was hit by an earthquake about 50 years ago. In one of the old wells, we found purple sand!  The acacia trees in the desert valley supplied us with shade, and firewood, but most importantly they shared their ancient wisdom with many of us.  It is a tree that opens us into the sky, and into the earth.  The wind spirit was strong, and the water was sweet.  There was some rain, with a rainbow during the first week.  The police came and took names, but allowed us to continue with our peace intact.  Food missions where run with boats and camels, and on family’s backs.  Sunrise and sunset turned the mountains gold, and the black veins that run through the stone accentuate the feeling of upliftment, as they run vertical through the mountains, bringing a feeling of a tiger like spirit.  Camels had a surprisingly strong effect upon many of us.  Tranquil and enduring animals, they hold their ground in a very solid way.  They are known to the Bedouins as “the sail ships of the desert”.  The Bedouin presence was beautiful to experience.  Their ways of keeping fire, making tea, tending the camels, and cooking where an inspiration for many.  Their humble and gentle attitude, mixed with their kindness and generosity, sparks an instantaneous ignition of recognition.   They have a desert culture that cultivates rich music and rhythms of life.  Their humour broadens their smiles, and there was more than enough to go around.

Many of us sensed a desert wisdom seeping into our veins, in a slow and palpable way.  The vision council was in a rainbow coloured sand canyon.   We where guided to it by two family members who felt a pull to that place during a synchronized sunrise vision.  Many family members felt the call to organize a gathering in Jordan for March, Israel for April, and Ethiopia for May, and consensus was reached.  Scouting begins now.  There is a group of us going to Ethiopia from Sinai in the next couple days.  We will scout for a possible future gathering site in South Sudan gathering along our way.  A Red Sea family has been born, and an Egyptian vision council will be held in one week, to choose the next Egyptian gathering site and time.  The Egyptian family is now a force in movement.  This gathering really catalyzed many gatherings to sprout.  And we chose to pack the next gatherings tightly together, in both space and time, to keep the energy growing and flowing.  This keeps the rainbow road bold, a true revelation being told.  We will spiral out from Egypt to bud the flowers of our beliefs, and into every nation our feet will unfold the real meaning of gold.

A group of three family members went to the pyramids for the winter solstice.  We witnessed a moon light flash in the sky, a mini sun appeared, and a white mist layer covered the pyramids.  As I watched, the smallest pyramid slowly disappeared from sight, and then slowly reappeared in a matter of two or three minutes.  Straight miracles I say!  The realization I had was this;  we can move mountains of doubt with faith the size of a mustard seed.  This is not a myth, but a living legend.

Our psychic abilities are really honing in on high and deep truths.  Many of us are tapping into the different dimensions much more easily than ever before.  Communication of our opening spiritualization is getting smoother.  Main circle was everywhere.

The vision is to bring rainbow love light to the world, and that’s exactly what we are doing. Many family members are feeling the call to build and plant and sing through Africa.  A nile push is being formed.  From Ethiopia, some will head to South Africa, co creating a paradise on Earth for all.  Africa calls strong, and the rainbow warriors are answering that call with astounding conviction.  When people dedicate themselves to an idea that benefits all life, its amazing how much we can get done!  Come join the world peace movement of our lifetime!


2015 World Rainbow Gathering Egypt


2015 World Gathering Egypt

There was a lot of fear leading up to the 2015 World Rainbow Gathering in Egypt. There was even a brother who started a petition on to stop the proceeding of the gathering. Uneasy political situations and war in neighbouring countries made it difficult for some to make the decision to go. Others found difficulties with passports and visas while a few were put off by sheer distance that was required to travel to arrive at the Welcome Home. But despite all of these seemingly tough blocks, those who made it found it a smooth ride. Before I even arrived I felt there was something special about this gathering.

We arrived by plane to Sharm el Sheikh some time early morning to be greeted by a man with a sign reading “Bible Group” who was driving to Dahab. His passengers didn’t arrive so we enjoyed a comfortable taxi in a spacious van. We slept a night on the beach of the Lagona and awoke to a beautiful gradient of reds, oranges and blues. Still in a little bit of disbelief that we actually made it to Egypt, magic continued to unfold as we were welcomed into the fanciest hotel in Dahab by a beautiful Egyptian couple, Sam and Jasmin. Sam owns the hotel with his mum and runs psy-trance parties from time to time. Golden smoke, music and deep conversations about the nature of reality filled the beach at sunset. In the morning we linked up with a close friend of Sam and Jasmin called Alia, who also turned out to be the info point for the gathering and who also happened to be on her way there with a big group of rainbow family. We had a smooth and enjoyable boat, car and hike to the location of the gathering. An impromptu arrival ceremony on a rock to centre our energies and BANG, welcome home!

I could not have felt more welcomed, safe, protected and comfortable in my own home. We had arrived! What a story it was, our journey home. A magical journey across foreign lands. But this all became past once we rejoined the eternal gathering, ready to co-create the next step in our collective unfolding. Energy channels began to open as more and more beings from the far reaches of the eternal inner world of wonders arrived. Shamans, land, plant and animal spirits, magicians, angels. As I took a look around the food circle, I came to realise I was standing face to face with Gods, Goddesses, shamans, angels and prophets, I begin to see the true face of Christ. The collective spirit, hidden deep within our individual stories, yet displayed right there in front of our very eyes. We are all walking our own paths through the jungle of our mind, heading towards the same point. All paths converge as we let go of the final constructs of the mind, going insane together to wake up from this dream and transition smoothly into the next.

Some of the visions I can see are of a migration of rainbow family, with a series of gatherings, down the East of Africa. I see waves of love and light beginning to radiate across the continent and the world. For myself I see the next part of the unfolding involving learning the art of respect. For all of those around me as aspects of myself. Unity is when I dissolve into my surroundings. I am like a lonely child sitting in the corner of a dark room imagining this entire reality and writing it to myself. The story lines run deep and rich and the desire to immerse myself in it is strong.

In a recurring lucid dream, upon realising that I am dreaming I get excited to share the news and the experience so I try to explain it to someone. They never get it at first, but after doing something dramatic, like creating a ball of light between my hands, they eventually see the dream for what it is and everything in the dream world begins to crumble and fade until it becomes just another dream that I had. The cycle continues, creation after creation. Could it be possible to create a dream that ends all dreams? What would it take to completely wake up? Unity perhaps?

Somehow I feel that this dream is coming, and probably sooner rather than later. It’s not slow anymore. Life is finally beginning to breathe again, the Sun has cracked the horizon, colours begin to appear, as the stars slowly fade. We begin to smell the warm Spring winds of the morning. As our memory of the dream begins to fade we hear the birds celebrating the dawn. We lay still for a moment and vaguely remember something about war, religions, governments, a beautiful paradise planet called Earth with all sorts of crazy happenings. We let go and open our eyes. In a flash of a rainbow we begin to remember who we are and before we know it, this life we know now becomes just another dream.

As I sit here in the beautiful hotel in Dahab, Egypt I vaguely recollect a story of a gathering in the desert. Beautiful people, great food, cosmic music and immense healing. I wonder what kind of story is about to unfold. We could pretend like we know, and maybe somewhere deep inside we do, but let’s just wait and see what happens.