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Keeping the Rainbow Tribe Alive


Well, it’s been about seven months since the gathering in Sinai. I really have not heard much about the Ethiopia gathering. I was not able to make it there, so I cannot report on it too much.

With the passing on of our Great Tribal Grandmother, Debbie, a great lesson of life came. Cherish each and every moment. Debbie did just that, and I thank Great Spirit for having gifted her to this world. There was a few close mutual friends who where there by her side, both happy and sad to have been there for her during that special phase. May blessings be upon Debbie, and her family, and know she smiles upon us still. We love you very much.

(Breathe of silent respect and honor.)

Since Ethiopia, the communication has dwindled a bit, and I hope that changes. In my opinion, I believe keeping up with each other, and following through continuously, is a huge part of our movement. We know that our connection resides in hearts and souls,…always, and in that way we shall always be together. But what our rainbow tribe needs, is to keep talking, keep walking, and keep on keepin on. I would love to hear more from those who where in Ethiopia, and what the experience was. I would love to hear more from those in Egypt, and to know what’s going on with them. I cannot reach everyone personally, no one can. But as long as we connect with those we feel close to, and reach out to those who we feel moved to touch, then the grapevine will be fed.

There has been a lot of things happening in Africa recently, involving the White Lion Trust, the Keshe Foundation, and the Ubuntu movement. We still would love a connection with the Ethiopia Organic Seed Bank. That is a huge key for the people of Africa, and it is not being used to its utmost good. There are plans for a large water dam to be built in Ethiopia. We should find a good way to address that situation. Many people in Egypt said there would be a war for water if they build that dam. We must find a way to create peace, and ensure clean water for all. The Nile Seed Forum would be a great way for us to help out with this.

I am currently back in the USA, as my passport had run out, and I was unable to get through Sudan due to politics.  I wanted to walk through the desert, or try to find a camel caravan going through Sudan, but those paths did not come in a good way.  I took it as a sign, and conceded to go and come back.

I connected with sister Tibebwa in Hurgada, and escorted her to Luxor where we held ceremonies. She is an amazing sister, and anyone in Africa, that wants to help, should contact her. I believe she lives in Shashamene.  She is busy, but she is willing to help the Rainbow Tribe.

I am getting a new passport, getting some emergency dental work done, and saving money to come back to Africa. I will most likely fly to Addis Abbaba, and then travel around Æthiopia for a bit, then head south through Kenya, and go to white lions of Tsimbavati. Please excuse any spelling errors.  My goal is to bring my Rainbow Heart all the way to South Africa. I also feel a strong pull to study the iboga plant in Gabon, and live with the San people for bits of time.  We shall see what happens.

All in all, I hope that we stay true to the Rainbow Road, ensuring peace and prosperity for all life. We are all Rainbow people, and we each have our gifts to share. Above all, be good and stay true. I LOVE YOU!!!


Who Are We?


Rainbow Snowball Caravan Family in Serbiaerbia

Good question! We get asked this a lot, and the answer is always different:

We’re human. We’re a rainbow caravan. We’re a nomadic family. We’re crazy! I don’t think we even really know what we are or what we are doing exactly, but here’s a little bit of the story so far.

A group of 15 people left from the Rainbow Gathering in Wales with the destination Lithuania for the European Rainbow Gathering. The journey was very interesting as many of the group had never travelled in caravan before. Many personalities all living in close quarters while rushing across the continent. Interesting is just one word we could use to describe it. It was challenging but upon arriving in Lithuania we all began to realise how incredibly important and healing it was for us all.

While at the European Gathering the energy seemed strong to initiate a caravan to the World Gathering in Egypt. There was a lot of interest . We decided that a strong vision would be important before we set off so we began meeting and out came the vision for the Rainbow Snowball Caravan. To give you a brief overview we decided we wanted a strong group of people travelling together and individually with diverse skills to travel without planning, flowing with heart, spreading much love to the world as we make our way to Egypt. Shortly after the group began to leave in dribs and drabs as we bagan to follow the energy. Over the next few weeks the group expanded in size. As we moved south people came and went and as people left the main group we realised that they did not leave the caravan at all, they were just temporarily parting, taking a slightly  different way to the same destination. So we decided that we were a family spread out around the world. Today we have no idea how many people are actually part of this family, or how big the family will grow to by the time we reach Egypt, but what we do know is that we are having an amazing time meeting so many colours of the rainbow.

In the main group as it moves, we practice a lot of the same practices that are employed at the Rainbow Gatherings, but very informally. None of us are really too excited to keeping traditions, in fact for some us it is a joy and freedom to let go of traditions, so we kind of take the practices and make them our own. The main idea really is to share everything, to care for each other and to move in unity while still recognising that we are all indiviuals at the same time. We’ve spent a lot of time in the forests but we also enjoy the cities. We embrace technology and use it to help us with navigation, communication and all sorts of other helpful tasks. Most of our money comes from busking in the streets, most of this money gets spent on diesel and food, we also get unthinkable amounts of food at no cost from supermarkets, bakeries and farmers markets either just before or just after they throw it in the rubbish. We also seem to be given quite a lot of gifts in the form of clothing, food, shelter and various other things to help with our journey from all sorts of differnt people. We live very free, we’re not in a hurry to get anywhere, and we seem to enjoy our time not matter if we’re in the nature, in the city or behind a petrol station, we still share a lot of laughter, smiles, hugs and good times!

Along the travels we began to cross paths with migrants from Syria and other parts of the Middle East and we do find it quite ironic, in a way, that we are travelling in the opposite direction to these people. A number of us on the caravan have spent some time at camps helping out as best we can, we even spent an entire evening and most of the night a couple of weeks ago in a bus station in Serbia playing music and hanging out. The people we have been meeting have been some of the most beautiful people we have met on the whole journey so far. A lot of fears began to arrise amongst friends and family that we were planning to travel through Syria to get to Egypt. Right from the start we decided that since we would not plan where to go, so we would also not plan where not to go. We are leaving all options open. I’d like to encourage those who worry about us, instead of sending us worrying thoughts of getting into troubled situations please feel free to send us thoughts of love and joy and wish us a safe passage through whatever experience may arrise.

So this is our surface story, this is our life. But underneath there is a much deeper story that is emerging. This story is one of great mystery, magic, revelations and love with characters from all parts of the universe, from the Heavens to the Lower Worlds and everywhere in between. It is a story that we have in common with all of humanity. Deep underneath the individual story is a collective story that we often overlook. This story is becoming more and more visible to us all. We’re in a time of great change, greater than ever in the history of time and space. The major happenings on this planet are being felt by all. It is a time of sacrifice. It’s a time to let go of your old beliefs, to surrender to the experiences of life, because as the wave comes in if you are able to let go of the anchors you will smoothly ride the wave to the new world, or should I say the old world. Be ready for memories of the deep secrets of creation to come flooding back!


The Jonesberries Part From the Caravan


Sadness fills us all to announce that the Jonesberries have decided to travel in their own direction and pace towards Egypt. We’re all still heading to the same destination and we all still have the same visions so we are all still together even if not physically. So much love was shared with the family and their crew and so much gratitude towards the team for opening their mobile home to smelly Rainbow “hippies”. We’ve all immensely enjoyed each others company for the week and a bit that we were all together.

Much love and safe journey to you Jonesberries!


Rainbow Snowball Meets the Jonesberries Caravan



Two groups of nomadic travellers have come together to join forces in the motion towards Egypt. The newly formed Rainbow Snowball Caravan and the family who have been roaming for 30 years the Jonesberries have run into each other completely by coincidence and after comparing visions have realised we are all on the same mission to Egypt!

With the two forces together we are feeling strong and we are about to rock this world. The more the merrier! If you are feeling the call then come and join us!


Rainbows’ End, a Fairy Tale: Chapter 2


Busking_Poland_01Well darlings, our Rainbow Snowball Caravan of Abundance is in full flow towards Egypt, though we have not yet found all our wheels, we know they will appear when the time is right. Till then our happy streams flow by foot, hitch and bike, moon van, and horse and cart towards the river where we all will meet. This is written from Warsaw, our next stop Carpathian gathering in Slovakia, where our brothers and sisters await us. Soon we will be howling at the moon and hope you’ll be there too.

The love we’ve spread is already tangible. And the reflections we see in faces are what we feel inside our hearts. Smiles and wonder greet us on the streets, ‘who are you… what are you… are rainbow people from another planet..?’ We dance through the city in goofy loving bare foot hullaballo, banging drums and blowing kisses and indeed we are from another planet, planting seeds for vines from here to there and all the places in between. We cannot measure the impact we have already had and true to our name it is SNOWBALLING. Another world, another life exists outside of offices, factories, telephones and malls. All of us have darkness in us but the bubbles we are spreading are of light and awakening. This message is a call as much as an update, if you’ve been waiting for the time, IT’S NOW. In the words of a song that came to me the other day:

“Butterflies flutter in our eyes and the sand between our toes
Try to realize, no such thing as time
And the girl she knows
We must all suppose
It’s just in our heads
all the story lines
Time to go to bed
Darling close your eyes and sleep, sweet dreams.”

Our fairy tales are coming true. Dreams and reality no longer seem separate. Sometimes we all wonder if we’re crazy, if what we’re doing is brilliance or utter madness. Then something magical happens and we look into the clouds and one anothers’ eyes and know our path is blessed, for we have met our souls walking upon it. There is no one flag here, no single song, religion, or way to food circle, all are welcome, every puzzle piece. The roads are opening and with them our minds and souls, ladders up to the stars and visions of polar bears and whales. This world of ours is changing fast. The energy is building with every new connection, every perfect thought, inspired poem, vision of blue smoke and new plant to eat.

On our manifestation list for the nearby future is a beautiful, deliciously paintably hippie bus not too difficult to convert to bio-diesel. On our farther manifestation list is a hot-air balloon, adventurous horses, a sturdy ship to sail the Mediterranean and more beautiful fools to fill it with and start it flying. Every skill is necessary, every soul embraced here. You are our family and we yours. Soon we will have food circles on the streets, hugging workshops, expanding the rainbow sphere and allowing it to morph in whatever beautiful way it chooses.

See you in five family <3


Rainbows’ End, a Fairy Tale: Chapter 1


Once upon a time, not so long ago some strange, beautiful and slightly mad people from all over a planet called Earth met in a magical gathering land at the end of a Rainbow in Hay-on-Wye, Wales and decided to go on a journey together to a much larger Rainbow in Lithuania known as the European Gathering. There things happened which will be related in later chapters and the caravan grew from 17 people to somewhere near 30 people. They are travelling to this day, flowing in a river of love South through Europe, rainbows end: Egypt for the 2015 World Gathering.

Our vision is strong! It was brainstormed and consensus was made by the members of the caravan and this vision was presented to the Vision Council at the European Gathering for the family’s blessings. Our vision is to maintain a dynamic, rolling, flowing energy, similar to ancient nomadic tribes, for all of those who wish to travel by any means across Europe towards Egypt. We aim to spread the Rainbow love to everyone we meet, offering public food circles, music, workshops, ceremonies, crafts and love at our stops along the way.

Through this website we hope to document our travels, announce our current and next location so that anyone who wishes to join us at any point along the way can do so, and to provide an ONLINE MAGIC HAT for anyone who wishes to supports us from anywhere in the world.

Deep inside my heart  I’ve got this,
Everlasting light, it’s shining,
Like the Sun it radiates on everyone.
And the more that I give,
Everlasting light, it’s shining,
Like the Sun it radiates on everyone.
And the more that I give,
Everlasting light, it’s shining,
Like the Sun it radiates on everyone.
And the more that I give,
The more I’ve got to give.
It’s the way that I live,
It’s what I’m living for”

Rainbow is all about sharing, we’re looking forward to sharing the journey with everyone!

Much love!