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Keeping the Rainbow Tribe Alive


Well, it’s been about seven months since the gathering in Sinai. I really have not heard much about the Ethiopia gathering. I was not able to make it there, so I cannot report on it too much.

With the passing on of our Great Tribal Grandmother, Debbie, a great lesson of life came. Cherish each and every moment. Debbie did just that, and I thank Great Spirit for having gifted her to this world. There was a few close mutual friends who where there by her side, both happy and sad to have been there for her during that special phase. May blessings be upon Debbie, and her family, and know she smiles upon us still. We love you very much.

(Breathe of silent respect and honor.)

Since Ethiopia, the communication has dwindled a bit, and I hope that changes. In my opinion, I believe keeping up with each other, and following through continuously, is a huge part of our movement. We know that our connection resides in hearts and souls,…always, and in that way we shall always be together. But what our rainbow tribe needs, is to keep talking, keep walking, and keep on keepin on. I would love to hear more from those who where in Ethiopia, and what the experience was. I would love to hear more from those in Egypt, and to know what’s going on with them. I cannot reach everyone personally, no one can. But as long as we connect with those we feel close to, and reach out to those who we feel moved to touch, then the grapevine will be fed.

There has been a lot of things happening in Africa recently, involving the White Lion Trust, the Keshe Foundation, and the Ubuntu movement. We still would love a connection with the Ethiopia Organic Seed Bank. That is a huge key for the people of Africa, and it is not being used to its utmost good. There are plans for a large water dam to be built in Ethiopia. We should find a good way to address that situation. Many people in Egypt said there would be a war for water if they build that dam. We must find a way to create peace, and ensure clean water for all. The Nile Seed Forum would be a great way for us to help out with this.

I am currently back in the USA, as my passport had run out, and I was unable to get through Sudan due to politics.  I wanted to walk through the desert, or try to find a camel caravan going through Sudan, but those paths did not come in a good way.  I took it as a sign, and conceded to go and come back.

I connected with sister Tibebwa in Hurgada, and escorted her to Luxor where we held ceremonies. She is an amazing sister, and anyone in Africa, that wants to help, should contact her. I believe she lives in Shashamene.  She is busy, but she is willing to help the Rainbow Tribe.

I am getting a new passport, getting some emergency dental work done, and saving money to come back to Africa. I will most likely fly to Addis Abbaba, and then travel around Æthiopia for a bit, then head south through Kenya, and go to white lions of Tsimbavati. Please excuse any spelling errors.  My goal is to bring my Rainbow Heart all the way to South Africa. I also feel a strong pull to study the iboga plant in Gabon, and live with the San people for bits of time.  We shall see what happens.

All in all, I hope that we stay true to the Rainbow Road, ensuring peace and prosperity for all life. We are all Rainbow people, and we each have our gifts to share. Above all, be good and stay true. I LOVE YOU!!!


2016 World Rainbow Gathering Ethiopia


World Rainbow Gathering Ethiopia 2016

The World Rainbow Gathering 2016 in Ethiopia starts today! The location is a beautiful protected forest in Wondo Genet Ethiopia. Here is the invitation with directions on how to find the Welcome Home. Much love and blessings to you all! May you arrive safely. <3

Below is the pdf of the invitation, there are 3 pages, directions are on the 3rd page. If for any reason the pdf embed does not work on your browser here is a link to the file to download. Feel free to share.


Welcome to the beginning.

This is an invitation for the Rainbow Family of Living Light to gather in open celebration of life, in Ethiopia, the source of the Nile. Mother Africa, the roots of humanity.

Most of us agree that humanity is presently going through a global awakening which we can see happening right before our eyes. The deeper we go with our own healing, the closer we come to returning to our natural state of unity. The next steps in this journey are taking us into the roots of our mind, unfolding the layers to reveal the mysteries of creation. Each step on this path brings even greater insight and revelation. We went from a crawl to a walk and now we are running. The sense of home is becoming clearer and clearer. With our hearts wide open we bound towards the feeling of peace that seems so familiar. Our fingertips are almost within reach, we stretch to hold hands. In the moon cycle of May travelers, healers, teachers, artisans, musicians, people from across the globe, will gather to join hands around the sacred fire. In unity we commune.

We gather as an open family, in abundance, with love and respect, for one moon cycle, 28 days, from new moon to new moon. We come to share. Music, food, skills, knowledge, healing, wisdom, freedom, happiness. All colours of the rainbow, all ages, cultures, personalities and backgrounds are welcome to participate in the co-creation of a world of magic and light. Building the kitchen, cooking, offering workshops and healing, relaxing, playing music, collecting firewood, digging shit pits, going on shopping missions and donating money to the Magic Hat to help feed the family amazing and healthy food. You decide how you contribute to the creation. We commune twice per day for food circle, a ceremonial way to enjoy our vegan meals together. If you can arrive early join the seed camp! A lot of work goes into setting up for the gathering, many hands make light work. Many hearts make light work.

What to bring:
Bowl, cup and spoon.
Sleeping arrangements.
Water proof shelters, tarpaulin.
Rope, bucket, water jug.
Flash light.
First aid, iodine, plasters.
Mosquito nets, natural repellents.
Musical instruments.
Art and craft materials.
Fabrics and decorations.
Super foods, spices and other food stuffs.
Financial contribution for the Magic Hat.
Anything you need for your camp.
Anything you feel will help the community.
Our selves, love, peace and happiness.

Wondo Genet Forestery College have a large protected forest full of monkeys and birds, they have given us permission to use an opening close to a small stream. We’ll be depending on rain water for drinking, it’s wet season so expect lots of water.

If you’re arriving in Addis Ababa you need to get to Kaleti. From the airport you can walk 10 minutes to the main road and get a microbus to Kaleti for 10 birr, the ride will take approximately 30 minutes. If you’re in the centre of Addis, Piatza, you can take a train to Saris train station for 6 birr, then a microbus for 1.5 birr or 4 birr with bags.

bus towards Hawassa, get off at Shashamane (88 birr, 4 hours)
Shashamane Bus Station
bajaj (3 birr, 10 minutes)
Old Manara Bus Station
big blue bus (10 birr, 45 minutes)
Wondo Genet
bajaj (5 birr, 10 birr with bags, 5 minutes)
Wabi Shebele
walk (free, 10 minutes)
Blen Lodge
walk (100 birr entry fee to protected forest, 40 minutes)
Welcome Home!

Wabi Shebele is our little town, full of beautiful people, be sure to say hello on your way through! The walk to the gathering will begin at Blen Lodge where you will find a basic map to help guide you to find the Welcome Home.

We have two main local friends helping us. Ras Lumumba (0911404644) who has a guest house in Shashamane for 100birr per person. For a little bit extra Lumumba’s bajaj can take you direct from Shashamane to his Africa coloured house in Wabi Shebele. Lumumba is a good connection for all things green. Our second friend is Tamirat (0916456957) from Wondo Genet and will be with us for the whole gathering.

The protected forest in which we are gathering is the remains of a giant forest that has been cut over the past 25 years to plant ghat. For this reason we have been asked to be really conscious of our wood consumption, dead wood being part of the life cycle of the jungle. The protected forest has an entry fee of 100 birr ($4) per person which helps support the College and the Government’s effort to replant the forest. We are also kindly being asked to remain clothed for the entirety of the gathering. Christian Orthodox, Muslim and Rastafarian communities are all banning public nudity in Ethiopia so out of respect to the culture we will remain clothed.

For more information on any aspect of the gathering you can ask the person who invited you, post on any of the Facebook groups or speak to whomever is at the Welcome Centre when you arrive.


World Rainbow Gathering 2016 Ethiopia Invitation