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2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia: Invitation

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This is an invitation for the Rainbow Family of Living Light to gather in open celebration of life, in Indonesia for the 2017 World Rainbow Gathering.

The Australian continent is colliding with mainland Asia, where the continental plates meet is rising a chain of islands that we call South East Asia. Over the next few million years these islands will become the largest mountain range in the world. Indonesia has 11,000 of these islands that will soon be mountain peaks. It is estimated that the region has as many new life species emerging as there are species becoming extinct around the world. This rising energy is bringing new life into our world! In the moon cycle of May travellers, healers, teachers, artisans, musicians, people from across the globe, will gather to join hands around the sacred fire to rise up and bring forth new life into this world.

What to bring

  • Bowl, cup and spoon.
  • Two water bottles (one for drinking, one for toilet).
  • Sleeping arrangements.
  • Water proof shelters, tent, tarpaulin
  • Rope, bucket, water jug.
  • Building materials, tools.
  • Flash light.
  • First aid, iodine, plasters.
  • Natural medicines.
  • Mosquito nets, natural repellents.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Art and craft materials.
  • Fabrics and decorations.
  • Super foods, spices and other food stuffs.
  • Financial contribution for the Magic Hat.
  • Anything you need for your camp.
  • Anything you feel will help the community.
  • Our selves, love, peace and happiness.


Pantai Ngalur, Jengglunharjo, Tulungagung, Jawa, Indonesia
GPS: -8.296781, 111.915099

You’ll either arrive in Denpasar, Jakarta, Surabaya or Jogjakarta. From any of these you’ll find buses and trains that will take you to Tulungagung. Getting from Tulungagung to Pantai Ngalur isn’t straight forward and may require a combination of bus, car, motorbike, hitch-hiking and walking. These are the towns and regions that you’ll pass through on the way: Campur Darat, Gedangan, Tanggung Gunung then Jengglungharjo. Go to the southern most part of Jengglungharjo and continue walking 5km after the road turns bad. Look for this wooden gate and follow the path!

More Information

We gather as an open family, in abundance, with love and respect, for one moon cycle, 28 days, from new moon to new moon. We come to share. Music, food, skills, knowledge, healing, wisdom, freedom, happiness. All colours of the rainbow, all ages, cultures, personalities and backgrounds are welcome to participate in the co-creation of a world of magic and light, especially children! Building the kitchen, cooking, offering workshops and healing, relaxing, playing music, collecting firewood, digging shit pits, going on shopping missions and donating money to the Magic Hat to help feed the family amazing and healthy food. You decide how you contribute to the creation. We commune twice per day for food circle, a ceremonial way to enjoy our vegan meals together. If you can arrive early join the seed camp! A lot of work goes into setting up for the gathering, many hands make light work. Many hearts make light work.

It’s the end of wet season so expect some rain and come prepared with your wet weather gear.
Indonesia is a country with largely conservative values and strict law enforcement. Even though you will generally find the locals to be very kind please respect the local cultures, traditions and laws, particularly regarding clothing, behaviour and drugs (prescription or illicit). The majority religion is Islam and coincidentally coinciding with the last day of this gathering the Muslim Indonesians will be beginning their Ramadan celebration, Please be mindful and respectful of this while transiting through the country after the gathering.
We will be living from the fire, we will not have any electricity. It will also be wet so it would be very much advisable to leave electronic equipment at home or at least switched off and packed away safely. We LOVE nature so much that we aim to leave the environment as close as possible to it’s original state, this means we actually enjoy to take our rubbish back with us and we care for the nature by mindfully constructing our camps, carefully selecting firewood and when we feel the need to clean we make sure to only use natural and biodegradable soaps and detergents. We also love dogs and pets but for the sake of the local wildlife and children please leave pets at home.

If you need more information about the 2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia or about Rainbow Gatherings in general please try one of the following:

  • Contact the person who sent you this invitation.
  • Find the Facebook group “2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia”.
  • Get onto and have a read through some of the amazing information written by Rainbow family all around the world.

2017 World Rainbow Gathering Indonesia Invitation Front Artwork


Notes from a Peace Pilgrim on the way Home



Feeling staggered by the sheer volume of beautiful stories we are living, and that continue to unfold through love and openness along our way. It has been a time of so many miracles, I just want to share a small aspect of the magick I have been experiencing in these times. On the New Moon, we lived the ceremony continuing to the sea side of Mersin, Turkey, where we activated an elemental journey of consciousness, yoga, celebration, prayer. We started with the Earth. We gathered around a Grandmother Eucalyptus tree and began to connect and breathe with her, consiously recieving the oxygen the tree is giving with each inhalation, and consciously giving our carbon dioxide with each exhalation. (This “circular” breathing with the tree is a very powerful practice which has brought a lot of energy into my life.) While we were embracing the tree, letting the sunshine and the oxygen open our beings, two police officers appeared and asked us (in Turkish) what we were doing. I invited them over, and one of the officers joined us around the tree, a bit apprehensive yet willing, and put his hands on the tree and began to breathe with us! My heart just about exploded in joy. Afterwards, he told our friend that if anyone bothered us or we needed any help to let them know.

You need to imagine the social climate in Turkey to really appreciate the potency of such an action. In a country that borders the most intense, violent conflicts on the planet, they say Turkey is becoming more and more fundamentalist and extreme, especially with the latest far right election. However, I am realizing the limited nature of politics and human conflict is only one superficial layer of the onion that is our collective consciousness. I am truly experiencing an awakening, in everyone we are meeting (and we meet many people from many walks of life hitchhiking and playing street music, spending a lot of time in public spaces, parks, temples, mosques, markets etc.) each day are surprising me more and more with how conscious, loving and peaceful we all are. Each day, I believe more and more in the possibility of true peace, inside myself, in all of us, as a collective. Of course I still experience moments of fear and doubt and frustration, I let them come and let them go, or at least this is my intention. We are on our way home, or maybe we are already there, in pasradise… we just might all wake up and completely realize it. Now. Right now, right here.

And so now, as the moon continues to grow, it is is a potent opportunity to set intentions, go inside yourself, become energized in the darkness so the seed which is buried in your soul can germinate and unfold into the flower beyond your wildest dreams. Peace is possible. Right here, right now. Love and blessings dear ones.


Conversations with my mother


Dear family, here are some brief notes on one persons decision to go to a rainbow gathering bordering a war zone at a potentially crucial point in history. I don’t no if they’ll be of any help to any one else.
Conversations with my mother
Ah… I see. What do you think about the idea that encouraging people to go is pretty much inviting IS to attack?
FRI 18:29
I would not encourage anyone to come to the gathering. I think rainbow gatherings have a very unique power a power that this part of the world is sorely in need of at this time but I would not ask anyone to go who did not feel some kind of intense, divine, you might call it, calling. We need to demonstrate, no to BELIEVE, that love can conquer fear. ISIS are our brothers though they would doubtless dislike the idea, they are the dark side of the rainbow. Yes I do believe we are on their radar as they are on ours. They personify a darkness, evil is perhaps a melodramatic word, force that runs through this world, that is hidden in the hearts of many, our loved ones, our neighbors, ourselves- just look at how callously we have allowed our planet to be destroyed, the animals who roam it to be imprisoned and slaughtered, our fellow humans to remain cold and hungry on the street when we pass them every day our pockets full of coins, not one of us is untouched by darkness, it would be impossible for it not to manifest, it has always done so, and with it comes it’s other half. Light shines the brightest in the dark. ISIS seems to be playing their role in this messed up fairy tale of humanity just as much as we are, and as all good villains do, sees themselves as divinely in the right. I do not mean to belittle what is happening in this thread of history by viewing it as a story, and yet absurdity is sometimes the easiest way to comprehend the incomprehensible. Don’t we all understand the world through the metaphors we work with most? An actor views life as a stage, with its exists and entrances… thank you Will, a biologist as a microscope, the universe contained inside a tiny amoeba, the astronomer as a telescope, the secret of the universe hidden in the stars, the farmer in the way a plant grows and dies and is reborn, a monk perhaps in silence, a magician as an illusion, a king as a kingdom, a mathematician as a table of numbers, a soldier as a war, a writer as a fairytale… I’m simplifying, this all has been said before. Time and again through history, “good and evil” have misunderstood each other, have tried to fight each other, that is where all the stories come from, all the histories… on some plane, in the eyes of some god or many, this too is already history. I don’t know what will come out of this gathering. I just know we’re at the point in the story (the big one) where something needs to change. In the words of Cullaina the Thunorg, Terry Pratchett, “Nothing has to happen. History isn’t something you live . It is something you make. One decision. One person. At the right time. Nothing is too small to make a difference. Anything can be changed.” One person at the right place, just one, and what about a hundred, two thousand.. what you look at you change. There has been a lot of talk of prophecies both from ISIS and from the spiritual leaders of Rainbow, there has also been growing confirmation since this journey began from members of all the religions and belief systems we’ve come in contact with, from Ayahuaska shamans, to Buddhist monks, to Greek- Orthodox priests, to Roman- Catholic Serbian farmers, to the wizards of Avalon, Hindu street dancers, past- life priestesses of Atlantis, office workers from Pleidien star systems, Muslim fruit sellers, and so many more I cannot list of a mounting change in the world, a coming together and a tipping point, something people struggle to put into words, something in the intensity of the eyes. I believe this gathering is if not THE than a monumentally important tipping point. Belief is the most powerful force I know. We’ve come to a point in history (perhaps again) past steel, past guns, past science, and into the realm of belief. people are begging to explore other worlds, not only that but to talk about it openly, In the past we would have been thrown into madhouses, now we are thrown into Twitter. non of us quite no what this movement, it is insane enough to be called a movement, is about, but from what I’ve seen it’s something like the bringing together of science, of religion, of magic, of the huge spectrum of humanity that we like to call rainbow, and something to do with stories. Sorry, that’s probably a longer answer than you were looking for.
Quite an essay! Remember, dear one, I’ll always ask you to explain yourself and always love you even when I disagree. I think there are many times when people think they are part of momentous change and it can be quite disillusioning when things go on more or less the same. Perhaps it’s wisest to cultivate change inside…. I think one of the things that worries me, though, about the rainbow gathering this time is the notion that some people have that they are protected simply by believing strongly enough in Good and Love. I find this quite insulting to the millions who have died in various genocides and terrorist acts because it implies that they were somehow at fault. I hear the view from some rainbow folks, particularly the focalizers, that safety is merely a matter of not giving in to fear, and I wonder what you think of this view?
If I am prone to the monuments and dramatic it is probably a product of reading too many good books. If I checked my astrology charts they would likely tell me that my moon is in line with some planet inspiring anarchy and action and connection with the other-worldly. Really I understand so little of the world, and myself least of all. Don’t be too alarmed, perhaps nothing at all will happen and my planetary movements will go back to the hundred acre woods by Christmas. Who can really say what is true when we speak from a single microscopic perspective, when the human spirit is so easily influenced by all it comes in contact with. I think you are very wise to speak of change from within. I do not wish to bring heaven to earth in a giant apocalypse or anything like that, heaven is already on earth for those who know how to see it. I have a great deal of change still to do, a long life full of it I hope, so often our environments echo the change going on within, and vise versa. A human is capable of being so much, that’s the starry light of traveling for me, the constant change without mirrors the growth within, when I’m stagnant, surrounded by the same beautiful places, people, ideas, i don’t yet know how to grow within, perhaps that will change with age. Winnie The Pooh can learn all the essential lessons of the universe just watching sticks float down a river and being visited be his friends, but Taren Wanderer had to leave the pig farm and explore the world to allow the universe the best chance of introducing him to the people and places he needed to meet in order to grow into his best self. As to your question, bad things do happen to good people but i think fear has been a governing force in this world for far too long. I respect and channel the Winnie The Poohs of this world but I also respect and channel the souls who need greater meaning and significance, when that aligns with a sense of justice, of humanitarian indigence, it is perhaps a dangerous thing, but it has had the effect of tethering me to this world, which I know you will appreciate. If you can be faced with fear and still show love for your enemy, learn to love all the sides of yourself so you can love all the sides of everyone ells, I think that is very important. I’ve talked about huge things happening, portals opening, perhaps, probably, that’s all a battle within myself. It would be naively egotistical of me to think that my going to this gathering will effect anyone ells more than it will myself. And yet it does seem that all my life has been building to this point, the most epic adventures of all are always on the inside.
I think you are right that the epic adventure is on the inside… but I disagree that fear is a major governing force, any more than many of the other things that motivate human behavior like love or kindness, though perhaps that’s your personal experience at the moment. I think the folks out enjoying themselves in Paris last week weren’t fearful; yet they were still victimized by people who took advantage of a society that is not based on fear. I guess I don’t see how going to Egypt helps much. It seems like just providing another outlet for terrorists. Isn’t there a more effective approach? And haven’t you already proven to yourself that you’re a pretty damn courageous person?
FRI 20:56
There are many kinds of fear, most if not all used for power. Love and kindness are by their very nature not used for power and so disdained by many leaders, because they go against separateness, against hierarchy, though they are of course at the center of all the best and most sustainable systems. Governments use fear all the time, fear of ones own government, what they’ll do to you if you don’t comply with their ideas, fear of someone else’ government, a more insidious form, fear of what they’ll do to you if you come to close in contact with them. fear of oneself, of being honest to yourself, of not fitting in or meeting other people’s expectations, fear that keeps people inside watching television instead of experiencing life for themselves, fear of words, fear of bodies, fear that inspire people to go to war, to protect what is theirs, to not allow others, other beliefs, into their world, fear of the unknown… You could right several hundred volumes on the different kinds of fear used today. Forgive me if your daughter sounds like the looniest conspiracy theorist but one of the biggest things I’ve learned is the deep importance of questioning. I believe the people of the West are in every bit as much danger, though of a different sort, than those who live knowingly in fear of their corrupt officials. I don’t know nearly enough but I can say America for one has been bought off from questioning many too many times with first world comforts and the most important tool of all, the belief that happiness is a thing to be bought. I know you already have mountains of homework but I’d love it if you’d take a little more on and re-examine just three events in history from the crazy conspiracy theorists perspective, 1, the assassination of John Lennon, 2, “Beyond Misinformation- what science says about the destruction of world trade center buildings 1, 2, and 7, and 3, The Paris Bombing attack. The third and most recent is the most interesting to me as I’ve already formed what i believe are informed opinions about the first two. Conspiracy or not, I hope it will have the undesirable effect of waking the Western world up to the idea of being a part of this story, I hope it will not have the much desired effect of causing more separateness and hatred between cultures bent on misunderstanding each other. I cannot speak for anyone ells. I am going to Egypt because both in quite contemplation, ecstatic revelation, and mad dives into the rabbit hole of fairyland it is what I feel called to do. I’ve been listening to the universe and asking for signs, it may be all silliness but I find it comforting that I am doing the right thing. At the Lithuanian rainbow I had a vision of another world much realer than this dream one we live in, a world where the true nature of energy is used by all in harmony, the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen or dreamed of, a crow awoke me from it and lightning in the sky, at the Slovak gathering I climbed to the top of a mountain, lit a fire and waited in the drizzling sky for the people I was meant to meet. When they arrived we exchanged gifts of mounting importance, a coconut cup full of coffee, a slice of water melon, blue lotus flowers, a colored pencil, a Japanese fan and finally a picture of Saint Francis carried around for me for some time as a single crow flew over head and spoke to us, later I stumbled upon a book of Saint Francis’s life which I read avidly, just recently I found this story:
“Thus, in the midst of the Fifth Crusade of 1219, Francis dramatically crossed the battle lines at Damietta in order to speak with Malik al-Kamil, the Ayubid Sultan of Egypt.

Intrigued by the courage and simplicity of this bold but unassuming man, the Sultan recognized in Francis a Christian unlike any other. In their meeting, did they exchange their respective visions of the world and God’s role in it? Historians report that Malik al-Kamil was moved by his words and listened to Francis very willingly. With admiration for his visitor, the Sultan spared Francis and sent him back to Italy.

Two greatly different men had met in the spirit of respect and concern—one with remarkable temporal authority, the other with unsurpassed spiritual energy. Perhaps each of them recognized the Spirit of God at work in the other. Francis returned to the Christian world to take up again the challenge of preaching and living the Gospel. By sparing his life, al-Kamil had given Francis a renewed sense of purpose. The Lord did not fulfill his desire for martyrdom, reserving for him instead a different task. God wanted Francis and his brothers to reinvigorate every aspect of Christian society with the concrete experience of God’s loving mercy. For Francis and his brothers, Divine mercy would find its expression in tolerance and compassion, the precursors of reconciliation and unity.”
I hope it will not disturb you too much if I offer these three prayers that help me from dear saint Francis, though I like to substitute One, soul, universe, Tao, (or Winnie the pooh if I’m feeling particularly blasphemous) for father:
Heavenly Father,
help us in our uncertainty and guide us always.
Calm our unsettled hearts and give us peace.
Through the gift of your Holy Spirit,
sustain our commitment to Your holy service.
We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Heavenly Father,
help us to make peace in our day
and to experience reconciliation in our lives.
May our anger and hurt give way
to affection and understanding for others.
We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Heavenly Father,
help us to recognize the dignity
with which you have endowed each of us.
Allow us to respect your image in one another
and to find ways to bring peace and
mutual acceptance to our world.
We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Greece and Syria…a match made in Heaven


After one week in Athens, i have seen close to a thousand syrians.  i gave my sheep skins to two different mothers with infants and toddlers, and gave my tent to another mother of small children.  They where down in the metro tunnels, out of the heat.  They all seemed to be smiling when we made eye contact.   It amazed me that after all they have been through, they still smiled at an american.  These people  are not terrorists, or criminals.  These are good people who have been forced to flee, or fight.  They chose to flee.  I respect them immensely for this.  They took the hard road, and started walking, swimming, driving, flying, and sailing.  I never thought i would have respect for people that ran away from their problems, but, i do.  I wish we could pack them on boats, and take them right back home, and make the bombs flee instead.  I wish everyone had the freedom of choice to live wherever they wanted to.  They need food and love, and a bit of shelter.  There is Lots of clothes here.  After spending some time with them in victoria square, an argument was started about feeding the syrian people.  A greek man didnt want them gathering in victoria square because it looks bad on the city.  This comment was attacked by another greek, a young female friend of mine, who said he should be ashamed of himself, because what if that was his family, hungary, wet, and without a home.  She then told him to go home.

And there is also a serious lack of translators.  There is very little communication going on between greek and syrian people.  We need translators here asap!

I think its time we help all people equally!  Not one person is any better than another, we are all equal in the eyes of Love.  Germany has closed its borders to syrians now, and hungarian police have been told to shoot if syrians attempt to cross the border.  This is what i have heard, and it could be false information.  But this seems like the typical bait and switch method of marketing.  Except they are baiting and switching a market of people.  This is cowardly and possibly malevolent behavior.

People, please, come to greece and bring the love.  There are so many abandoned buildings and so many unemployed greeks, that if they learned how to work together, they could fix up the abandoned houses, and bring their lives, and their businesses back to life,  in mutual cooperation.  This could be a match made in heaven, if it is acted upon rightly.  We have to see the positive possibilities, and act on them.  We cannot allow govornments, senators, mayors, and presidents to steer the masses anymore.  No more hate mongering. To the people of greece, please, plant seeds with your brother and sister syrians.  You could use each others help.  To paraphrase bob marley, it makes it a easier when we help people who need help.  Otherwise, we fight, and it creates war and hatred and prejudice.  Enough!  One love!  Beat your guns and swords into plowshares!

The fourth red moon comes this week, and we better be ready!  Love, love, love, and more LOVE!  Lets do like moses and the israelites did it, and join our forces, and march, and allow Gods love to provide abundance and peace and prosperity for all.  This is not nieve, this is wise.  This is the time.  Drop your shit, and join the exodus of our planet, 2015.  Cern is set to fire, and so are we.  Place your bets, mine is on love, and im wagering everything i got, body, mind, heart, and soul!


Heart and Mind Festival

Rainbow family at the heart and mind festival in vilga, poland.                                this is a link to more heart and mind festival pictures!                                                                                           .                                              Rainbow family at the heart and mind festival in vilga, poland.  we had the great honor of volunteering here, and meeting Maestro Manuel and Tita La Rosa, along with a mayan elder. The workshops were amazing, and the music was incredible.  We held a healing space for a dear sister on the full moon that really amped up the positive vibrations.  Thank you for all the good medicine.






Greece for the Wheel


I, Anthony, with much love, split from the rainbow caravan a couple days ago, to come to greece.  My reasoning was threefold.  One, I heard that greece was in deep economic stress, and i wanted to see it for myself.  Two, that syrian people where landing here in masses.  Three, to help organize a rainbow sailing fleet.

1…Greece is definitely in dire straights.  Many abandoned buildings covered in graffiti, people so poor they dont drive cars much anymore, and food prices that havent dropped even after years of recession.  When i finally got picked up hitch hiking, i asked the man, Nick, why greece isnt recovering.  He said that the greedy people who make all the money dont share it properly.  I told him it was thesame everywhere.  If the top 5% of any given country have 90% of the money, then how is capatalism supposed to work?  Or is it meant to drive us into war, to then boost the economy again?  Many people realize that capatalism is really just a science of war and greed, and that their business runs on human suffering.  It is now unavoidably obvious that capatalism is failing the world over.  It works as long as there is suffering and war, but without those, it shrivels and dies.  Its like a sugar high, short lived and hard crashing.  I propose we shift to the Ubuntu economy, which means if its not good for all, its no good at all.  It thrives in abundance and joy, for more details check out Michael Tellingers Ubunu movement in Africa.

2…I have not made it to Athens yet, but i am told that thousands of syrian refugees flow in off the boats daily.  People are charging 1000 euros per head to take people from syria on a boat.  This is a form of extortion and human trafficking. This creates more strain in greece, and doesnt welcome the refugees like they are needing to be welcomed.  Every person should feel at home in their country of origin, as well as the world at large.  No one should have to fight or flee.  the fight or flight response is not a lasting solution.  when we stand up as one, en masse,  then what army in their right mind would dare try and quell such numbers.  Ive heard, that one million syrians are fleeing syria.  What army would stand a chance against one million civilians, who are crying out for peace?  It goes against instinct, intuition, logic, and compassion to kill un- armed countrymen…our brothers and sisters.  We need to put our power where our hearts are, and put our money where our mouth is…so to speak, and let every govornment know whos running the show.  We the people run the show!  I know that if we rise as one body, all of us together, regardless of race, creed beliefs, and denominations,  then no army, no govornment, no atomic bomb could stop our force of love.  The world needs to come to this place, for lifes sake.  No man is an island, we are all interdependent upon eachother.  Its time we act in unity for the relief of human suffering.

3…The rainbow sailships are currenlty trying to be obtained.  Jan, the wandering sailor i met in Lithuania, seemed very gung ho about it, as did a couple other blonde haired brothers , I forget their names.  I saw one of them at the Slovakia gathering, and he was saying that we where going to meet up in Athens, so this is why I am here.  Jan was trying to get his hands on an 80ft sailship from America, but im not sure how thats going yet.  We are looking for boats and experienced sailors to sail from Athens to Egypt.  We could take the Suez canal, down to the red sea, and then down the east coast to support the long walk of Rainbowing Africa.  All hands on deck!  Lets make this the journey of a lifetime!  Since I was 5 years old, Ive wanted to be on a sailship, and for the past ten years, I have wanted to sail across the Mediterranean sea.   Lets make dreams come true!  Anyone who knows anything about rainbow family in greece, or sailships, get back to me asap at

so, for now, its looking like we have some major challenges ahead, but this is our work as rainbow brothers and sisters, where we see a job, we do it.  Helping the world achieve an Ubuntu economy, helping all refugees with anything and everything and returning them to their homeland safely, and getting a sailing fleet up and running for Africa!  Lots of work to be done here family!  Put on your rainbow spirit and come to the rescue!  We need you!  And most importantly,  …WE LOVE YOU!

your rainbow brother,



Harmony of Divine Masculine and Feminine


Divine Masculine and Feminine

The new divine masculine has been awoken. The new divine feminine has been awoken. Now is a time of integration within one’s self. Within the masculine body is a feminine aspect. Within the feminine body is a masculine aspect. The integration of the new energies are to be embodied within, both masculine and feminine. With understanding comes compassion. Underlying all is love. Bringing unconditional love between our inner masculine and feminine give these aspects an opportunity to work together to create.


Divine Masculine and Femiinine. All you need is love. Harmony